Ouvert sur l’anglais du Monde

Geoffrey Pullum, dans The Chronicle of Higher Education, raconte la fois à un étudiant s’est plaint de l’accent de son prof qui venait… d’Angleterre.

« Of course, it’s true that many Americans are far too insular, and one of the key things they need to get out of a college education is the experience of encountering smart people with accents they never heard before, and may initially have trouble understanding. Treating every different kind of accent as weird and upsetting as you go through life in this globalized world would be babyish, so students who have never been outside Riverside County or seen a foreign film do need to grow up a bit linguistically.  » Make American Accents Great Again – Lingua Franca – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education

So, on est rendu là? Pour être « ouvert sur le monde », il est suffisant de tolérer d’autres accents anglais?


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